Honest, enthusiastic optimist who always takes care of others (guests and colleagues) and want to continually learn.

Teamplayer with ambitions. Is this you?

Welcome to HMSHost!


How has your career grown since starting at the company?

“Like quite a few of us here, I originally joined the company as an intern. During my internship I was given challenging projects, through which I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the company. As my internship continued my passion to continue to work at HMSHost grew. I feel very fortunate that my internship has turned into a full time position. Fast forward to now and I travel the globe working with local teams helping them complete their implementation projects, trainings, and system ehancements. It has been an amazing experience so far and I look forward to what’s next!”


What is your favorite thing about working for HMSHost?

“First and foremost, what stands out to me about HMSHost is the team. Our warm company culture is felt no matter what brand you are working for. Values like Keep it Simple and Be Open drive everyone’s behaviours, bringing out the best in us. Secondly, the pace of working in an airport inspires me. Every day is different. Dynamic, international, never a dull moment, exciting. The fact that we work in hospitality and get to interact with people from all over the world, as teammates and as guests, makes us an attractive employer. It’s what brings me to work every day.”


How does our company ignite your passion?

“Food and people ignite my passion at HMSHost. I love the hospitality industry, and I’m constantly working with people who have a passion for the restaurant business. This is contagious! You can’t help but get excited by our success. No matter the size the brand comes to life, partnership are strengthened, and new menus are developed.

We have a great reputation in the market as a business partner, and people see us a trustworthy employer with international career opportunities. We all work hard to achieve common goals and our legacy is strong. Every time we face a crisis we come back stronger than ever.”


Attention in our mind is a secret ingredient that includes everyone. It inspires our associates, it generates partners that prefer to work with us and it turns distracted people into grateful guests.
Deeper than this, our corporate culture is created by the people that work here. People just like you. We share five important values that guides our behavior and, together with attention, this makes our DNA.


Enthusiasm, teamwork, commitment, and involvement accompany us every day.


People, cultures and ideas pass through our locations every day. We listen, respect, adopt, shape and use them to build a new future.


Time is precious to travellers. That's why we work hard to be efficient and offer travellers an outstanding level of service. We do the best we can - every day.


Thanks to our vast experience, we know how to act promptly and responsibly. We are reliable and consistent; ideal partners for landlords, suppliers, brands and customers.


We are real people with one common virtue: empathy. We work hard and intelligently to consistently achieve concrete results. Simple, right?