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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy has last been revised on 1 September 2019.

HMSHost uses cookies on the website ( In this cookie policy we would like to inform you about the way we use cookies. In some cases personal data will be collected through the use of cookies. More information on how we process your personal data and your rights can be found in our privacy statement. Below, you can find more information about the cookies we use.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small data or text files that are placed on your device by websites and applications. We use cookies to optimize our website and enhance your user experience. The first time you visit our site a notification will pop up, explaining our cookies and ask for your permission for the use of these cookies.

Functional and analytical cookies
Functional cookies are used to ensure proper function of the website and to remember user preferences. They make your website visit easier.

Analytical cookies help us gain insight into how our website is used. We use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is not allowed to share or use the collected data for other services and the IP-addresses collected are anonymized. More information about the processing of your data by Google Analytics can be found in the privacy statement of Google.

Tracking cookies
We use tracking cookies (of third parties) to track which pages you visit. This information is not combined with your name, email or other personal data known to us, but is used to show you vacancy advertisements on other websites and applications. We always ask your consent to use these cookies.

You can also use social media buttons to share and like certain vacancies. These buttons place cookies and can send your personal data to these third party social media companies. Please read the privacy statements of these social media companies, so that you know how your personal data is handled.

Enable and disable cookies
You can use your browser settings to enable and disable different kind of cookies. Please note that websites may not perform optimally when functional cookies are disable.

Delete cookies
Most cookies have an expiration date and will automatically, after a certain period of time, stop collecting your data. You can also use the settings of your browser to delete cookies before they expire.  

More information about cookies?
On the following webpage more information can be found regarding cookies:

Your Online Choices: A guide to online behavioural advertising

For questions and or comments regarding our cookie policy, please use our contact form.

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